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General Information


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McHenry County Housing Authority General Information


The McHenry County Housing Authority (MCHA) has been assisting McHenry County residents since 1947.  It not only administers programs that help low and very low income families and individuals to obtain housing, but also helps them to afford the cost of heating and cooling their homes, to keep their housing and to prevent homelessness.  Due to the fact that MCHA works with programs funded through the federal government, the State of Illinois, and McHenry County, there are many rules and regulations covering the different programs of MCHA.  Click on the program you are interested in for more details.


MCHA is governed by a seven member Board of Commissioners that is appointed by the McHenry County Board.  Each Commissioner serves a five-year term of office.  The Board of Commissioners sets policy, directs the operations of the Housing Authority and oversees all expenditures of funds. 


The Commissioners of the Housing Authority are:


      Keith Leathers, Chairman, McHenry     

      Mary Reid, Vice Chairman, McHenry

      Thomas Vaclavek Jr., Crystal Lake

      Cathryn Perfetti, Cary

      Daniel Bell, Crystal Lake

      Evelyn Carter, Richmond 

       Mary Donner, Crystal Lake



The Board of Commissioners of the McHenry County Housing Authority meet at 1:30 P.M. on the third Monday of each month at the Housing Authority office, 1108 N. Seminary, Woodstock.  All meetings are open to the public.



Executive Director:  Julie Biel Claussen


The Executive Director, along with a staff of 20 full-time employees, administers the programs of the Authority with a current annual budget of $9 million.  The staff is dedicated to assisting each client in a courteous, efficient and professional manner that helps the client to achieve their housing goals.  MCHA has a fiduciary responsibility to the federal, state and local governments that fund its programs and is required to follow their rules and regulations.