Homeowner Assistance

MCHA has been administering an owner-occupied rehab program since 1997. We have helped over 350 low-income households make the needed repairs to their homes. In many cases, it has extended the time seniors can live at home. The program prevents homelessness and reduces neighborhood blight.

CDBG Owner-Occupied Home Rehabilitation Program

Effective 2023, this program is being administered by McHenry County.   The program is now limited to roofing, and at is no longer accepting applications at this time.

For more information please visit or please contact Michelle Halvorsen at, or call 815-334-4088.

Lead Safe Homes Project:

The McHenry County Community Development Division is offering up to $20,000 in grant funds to help create Lead Safe Homes in McHenry County.  Click below for more information and learn how to apply:

Lead Safe Homes Brochure