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McHenry County Lead Program

The mission of the McHenry County Lead Program is to eliminate childhood lead poisoning in all low- and moderate-income privately-owned rental and/or owner-occupied housing populations throughout McHenry County.  This goal will be achieved using identification and control of lead-based paint hazards. We are committed to making healthy homes and safe environments available to all children age 6 and under in the county by addressing a multitude of hazards in area homes where children are or can be present.

Program information can also be found on the McHenry County website under Planning and Development, Community Development.  In a nutshell, there are a couple of key parameters that must be met in order to receive assistance.  Properties must:

  • Be private, residential properties (rental properties included; however priority will be given to homeowners);
  • Be built before 1978 (1977 and older);
  • Be within McHenry County;
  • Be occupied by a low-income household, OR vacant and marketed for a low-income household; and
  • Have a child under the age of 6 who lives in the home, or visits often (the program considers a pregnant woman as a qualifying “child occupant”).

If the applicant meets all of the program requirements and is accepted into the program, he/she/they need to be aware there will be a 3-year lien placed upon the property  to ensure the program mission is maintained.

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