At McHenry County Housing Authority, we help individuals and families find and maintain a quality, healthy, affordable living environment. In creating stability, we create a stronger community and a better McHenry County.

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HELP NEEDED!  Please consider completing our NEEDS SURVEY to assist us in creating new assistance programs, or making changes to existing programs, to help meet the needs of our McHenry County Community.  CLICK HERE to complete the surveyYou can save the completed survey on your device, and use the secure upload link on this page to send us the survey.  You may also print and complete surveys.  Your assistance is very much appreciated!

Click here  to view a RESOURCE DIRECTORY for McHenry County services. 
This directory contains contact information as well as service descriptions for a variety of providers including subsidized apartment listings.

Section 8 Waiting List Update:

For Applicants that submitted an online application for the Section 8 Waitlist, the lottery will be held on July 12, 2024.  After that date, applicants whose names were selected in the lottery will be able to check their placement and position number through the Applicant Portal link: click here